Joe Bonamassa gives a lesson in Electric Blues Licks

Virtuoso Blues Lesson In this video, Joe Bonamassa gives a lesson in playing blues riffs on an electric guitar. Joe Bonamassa is famous for his fast, pentatonic blues licks.  His picking is always accurate and his notes are clear as a bell.  He is influenced by guitarists like Eric Johnson, BB King, Eric Clapton and Peter Green.  I can totally hear Eric Johnson in his playing! The video lesson was uploaded by Guitarist Magazine along with all the lessons [...]

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Top 10 Easiest Guitar Solos

I stumbled across this video this other day and thought I would share it with you.  It's called The Top 10 EASIEST Guitar Solos! This is a fun video made by YouTube guitarist Stevie T. It includes the solos to: Ain't Talking Bout Love - Van Halen Californication - Red Hot Chili Peppers Nothing Else Matters - Metallica Keep On Rocking In The Free World - Neil Young Fight For Your Right To Party - The Beastie Boys [...]

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Acoustic Cover of Get Lucky by Daft Punk

Get Lucky by Daft Punk performed on the Acoustic Guitar by Daniel Padim Here's a video of an awesome acoustic cover of Get Lucky by Daft Punk.  It's performed by Daniel Padim, a guitar player from Brazil.  Watch his fingerstyle playing, and the way he always keeps a steady beat throughout the piece by tapping the guitar. My favourite part comes in at 2:31.  Beautiful harmonics!! You can follow Daniel on Facebook, or watch more of [...]

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Acoustic Version of Fix You by Coldplay

Here's a little acoustic arrangement of the song 'Fix You' by Coldplay that a student and I have been working on recently. If you have a Capo, you can try it yourself. The chords (with the Capo on Fret 3) are C, Em, Am & F. You can learn a lot by playing this song - dynamics, simple chord variations, using suspended chords, flatpicking, alternate strumming, to name but a few. Grab your guitar and give it [...]

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Led Zeppelin Perform ‘Black Dog’ at Madison Square Garden in 1973

Here's Led Zeppelin performing their song Black Dog at Madison Square Garden, New York, in 1973.  This was from one of three sold out shows performed there at the time. Skip to 1:47 for Jimmy Page's guitar solo.  

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