A black and white image showing the four instruments that we teach here at Moray Music Lessons. Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar and Ukulele

At Moray Music Lessons we offer Guitar, Ukulele and Bass lessons for all ages and abilities.

1-to-1 and 2-to-1 Lessons

Private lessons with a Tutor – Customised Learning Path

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Groups For All

Groups that are suitable for all ages
Study Groups >

Groups for Adults

Learn to play in a group of similar-level students
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Put your newly learned skills to use in one of our Monthly Clubs
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Upcoming Events

Summer 2019 at Moray Music Lessons


Every Monday from July 1st to August 12th, we’ll be offering Piano Lessons.  They’ll be priced at £15 per 30-minute slot (or £25 for an hour) and can be booked in our booking calendar below.


Standard Prices

30min 1-to-1 Lesson

£15for 30 minutes

60min 1-to-1 Lesson

£25for 1 hour

30min 2-to-1 Lesson

££20for 30 minutes

60min 2-to-1 Lesson

££30for 1 hour

Weekday Morning Prices (9.30am – 11.30am Tuesday to Friday)

30min Weekday Morning 1-to-1 Lesson

£12for 30 minutes

60min Weekday Morning 1-to-1 Lesson

£20for 1 hour


Based in Elgin, Moray Music Lessons was started in May 2015 by Tom Morris with the aim of providing high quality, fun and friendly music lessons for all ages.  We recognise that everyone is unique and that no two students are the same.  With this in mind, we tailor a personalised lesson plan for each student based on their goals, whether those are short-term goals (Learn some simple chords and strumming patterns/Learn to play a song to the end) or long-term goals (Study for and sit a graded exam/Join a band/Play a gig).  No matter what level you learn at, each lesson will be based around core musical elements like time (pulse), rhythm, sound quality and musical character, so that you learn to play your instrument the best you possibly can.

As as a student of Moray Music Lessons, you’ll get access to our Student Area where you can see what lessons you have booked, where you’re at with payments, download any lesson videos or backing tracks and log your practice time.  You will also receive a practice map so that you’ll not only be shown what to practice but how to practice.  We’re happy to teach any genre – from Rock, Pop and Heavy Metal to Acoustic Folk and Classical.  We’ve never come across a style we haven’t enjoyed teaching yet!

Lessons are £15 for 30 minutes, but if you’re lucky enough to be free during a weekday morning (9.30am – 11.30am), lessons are £12 for 30 minutes.

Ukulele Club


Tom Morris

Guitar, Ukulele & Bass

Available Monday to Friday

A current profile picture of our guitar Tutor Wilson Noble. Wilson teaches at Moray Music Lessons on a Sunday.

Wilson Noble


Available Sunday


Angus Lawson

Piano Lessons

Available Monday mornings during the Summer Holidays



Tom teaches from Monday to Friday
Wilson Noble, Guitar Tutor on Sundays at Moray Music Lessons in Elgin
Wilson teaches on Sundays

Weekday Morning Lessons with Tom Morris £12.00
Weekday Afternoon/Evening Lessons with Tom Morris £15.00
Sunday Guitar Lessons with Wilson Noble £15.00
Piano Lesson with Angus Lawson £15.00
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We’ve found that the most popular way to learn to play an instrument is through 1-to-1 lessons. The majority of our weekly students take individual lessons and there are many reasons why.  In a lesson you’ll learn to read music and tab, depending on the path you want to take.  You’ll learn to play songs, but we’ll also teach you to understand music and develop the basic skills that can be transferred to any other instrument.  Each lesson will be customised to your needs, so if you want to learn a specific style we’ll do that, whilst covering a range of other styles so that you get a well-balanced lesson path.

Ukulele, Group, Lessons, Elgin, Class, Moray, Thunderton Place


A photo of three students on stage playing electric guitar and bass guitar.

While individual lessons are perfect for people wanting to learn an instrument, there are plenty of reasons why you might want to take 2-to-1 lessons instead.

Lower lesson costs aside, here are some of the benefits of learning with a friend:

  • You’ll be playing along with someone you know, not just with audio files.
  • You can see and hear what each other is doing – right or wrong – which is great for building up your ‘musical ear’ and confidence.
  • It’s much more social than an individual lesson – you’ll be learning to play with a family member or friend.
  • You’ll learn to play as a group, learning songs together.
  • You’ll feel motivated to practice each week so that you can keep up with each other.  Or maybe you could practice together?

If you’re a parent with a child who would like to learn, why not learn together?


We’re big fans of social media here, so you’ll find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  We like to post updates on those channels so please feel free to Like or Follow us on any of them.  Say hello to us and ask us questions, because after all, it’s called ‘social’ media for a reason. 

We also have a student-only closed Facebook group which we use to share helpful tips, images and videos to students.  We encourage our students to join in the conversations and to post videos of their progress, but there’s no pressure to do so.  It’s like a small community of people who are all on the same path.  

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