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Angus Lawson

Angus is a secondary school music teacher who lives and works in Elgin.
Angus’ main instrument is piano, and he uses his keyboard skills in many
ways – to play synthesiser, organ and the piano itself. Angus has been a
regular on the music scene in Elgin for some time now and enjoys getting
involved in different events. Angus loves Musical Directing and has for some
time taken on this role with St Giles’ Theatre Group. He enjoys working with
other musicians and vocalists. Angus plays in a local function band, MacTa
alongside Tom. Angus plays organ at St. Columba’s South Church and is also
involved in the organisation of live streaming the church services. Angus has
an interest in live sound for large scale events and while out with the band he
often takes on this role. Angus loves learning and using new Music
Technology - whether that is programming sounds on a keyboard, using
Mainstage MIDI software to programme sounds for musicals or mixing and
mastering songs.
Angus has been teaching piano for many years, but he has been with us at
Moray Music Lessons for almost 2 years now. He really enjoys seeing
youngsters learn the skills in their instrument and put them into practice.
Although Angus works with young people in his day to day job he really enjoys
working with piano pupils on a 1-to-1 basis.

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