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Maiden Voyage - Rockschool Grade 3 Guitar

Here's an exciting indie-rock piece that is fun to play from the Grade 3 Rockschool guitar syllabus. It's called Maiden Voyage and is based on songs written by Coldplay, Arcade Fire and The Killers.

In this piece, you'll be learning to play some 3-note chord voicings, sometimes with open strings too. There's a bit of lead playing involved, so you can add a little bit of overdrive to let the guitar sing.

Some guitar techniques to look out for in this piece are:

  • Palm-muting

  • Hammer-ons

  • Slides

  • Vibrato

  • Left-hand muting

  • Barre Chords

  • Dynamic changes - crescendo

There's even an 8-bar section where you can be creative and write your own solo!

If you're learning some pieces to go towards your Grade 3 exam, why not give this one a try? And listen out for this lovely Aadd9 chord that pops up too!

Chord diagram of the chord Aadd9

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